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Purpose found with Life-Changing Courage

Purpose Found with Life-Changing Courage

Have you ever asked yourself “What is my purpose?” This can be a very deep question and one I have asked myself for as long as I can remember.  Three words come to mind when I ponder my purpose; growth, meaning, and fulfillment. Ok, throw in courage and passion as well. Why not!?

Life-Changing Courage

It took a tremendous amount of passion and courage to leave the security of my government job back in May of 2016. Taking ownership of my life and letting go of limiting beliefs to pursue my art full-time, was huge. My husband and I switched roles in order for us to live our best life! I couldn’t be more grateful ~ being able to make art and share it with the world is awesome. I feel blessed. 

Following my Heart

Choosing to follow my heart has pushed me to discover my purpose. The last few years have been an amazing journey, an eye-opening experience.  Learning to appreciate what we have and looking at life with a different perspective has brought about so much beauty and goodness. My fears are slowly disappearing and abundance is taking its place. My purpose is to make art and share it with the world.    

Personal Growth

Over the years, I have read a ton of books on personal growth, inspiration, and leadership. I’ve also taken some outstanding online courses about how to grow my art business. I’ve recently benefited from several key courses and books and would like to share them with you. These books and courses are helping refine my art business — define my purpose — and find my why. See the links below.

I’ve also discovered that social media sucks up way too much of my time, and is really not productive while trying to building my art business. Creating and sharing art and writing about what inspires and motivates me seems like my best purpose while helping define my journey.

An inspiring quote by Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and life coach:

Writing helps us organize our thoughts — and discover new ones we may not even know we had. It’s proven to help us reach our goals, improve memory, and decrease stress, which are all essential when you’re learning how to find your purpose.

Tony Robbins

I have to agree with Tony, as I am finding this to be the case for me. 

Moving Away from Social Media

So, what do you do when you’re fed up with social media?

Well, I decided to learn how to market my business without social media, of course! 

I recently completed a course about “Marketing Without Social Media” by Leonie Dawson. Leonie is an incredible, super-infectious personality, and multi-million dollar life-business coach from Australia who can talk circles around anyone I’ve ever met.

She is full of enthusiasm and knowledge, a bit of a ‘swear bear‘, but throughly loves to share her knowledge. She helps get people to where they want to be in life. I am sharing this quote she has on her website she uses to describe herself:

I’m a massive Hippie, introverted, Weirdo, and I’ve been able to achieve all my dreams! I’ll show you how you can too!

Leonie Dawson

Leonie is definitely my kind of people! She holds nothing back and she shares all her business expertise and teaches you everything she has learned.  She is a very giving person in many ways — she donates much of her six-figure income to charities and to woman-owned businesses in Australia.

Her course catalog is extensive: She has a variety of courses awesome courses to help you start your blog, business, e-course, and even courses on how to get your creative business off the ground!! Leonie even has a course on how to write your own book in just 40 days!! 

I’m currently taking her “Get Organized! Life & Business Hacks for non-Marthas, Creatives & the Neurodiverse!” It is awesome. She has some super informative tips on getting your will and other important paperwork in order.

Here’s a link to all of Leonie’s courses. I’m sure you’ll find something beneficial like I did!!

Book Recommendation

Just this week, I finished this amazing book: “Let it Be Easy; Simple Ways to Stop Stressing & Start Living” by Susie Moore. I thoroughly enjoyed Susie’s book and highly recommend it. It was a breath of fresh air, quick read, and great reminder of how life can be easier if we allow it to be.

I absolutely love this book! There were so many chapters where I was saying “YES, this is so me!” It was as if Susie was talking directly to me about me. One particular quote that hit home for me:

Desire is the best, most energized, and tireless driver on earth. It makes life worth showing up for.

Susie Moore

Even after all the stress, chaos, and disruption of the pandemic over the last 2+ years, easier is actually possible. I couldn’t agree more and I’m beginning to believe it and trying to embrace this new mantra!! If you’re interested in reading her book, click on the link above.  

Thank you for your support

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Jackie Weatherly-Cadzow



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