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Jacqueline Cadzow Designs Exciting New Announcement and Latest New Adventure

Jacqueline Cadzow Designs! Exciting Announcement and Latest New Adventure!

Introducing Jacqueline Cadzow Designs!

Yes, I’m in the process of re-branding me and my artwork! This is continuation of my previous announcement where talked about learning how to license my artwork and making more on surface pattern designs.

The process behind re-branding

Earlier this year, when I changed my focus from making traditional art to doing more surface pattern design, I decided it was time to rebrand myself. I wanted a more professional and sophisticated look. A brand that focused on me as a person and allowed me more flexibility with my new works of art.

Since I am an artist and have a graphic design background, being somewhat familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (its an ongoing learning process), I spent quite a bit of time trying to rework my previous The Textile Artisan logo and brand colours. But after struggling, for what seemed like forever, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and higher out the re-design process. It was the best decision ever!

The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.

~Mary Davis

The above quote is how I am feeling right now; very grateful and seeing more and more beauty in my life, thanks to all the amazingly talented people I am blessed to know and work with.

Welcome to Pace Creative Design Studio

I ended up deciding to hire the most amazing graphic designer, Jennifer Pace Duran, with Pace Creative Design Studio. I learned about Jennifer through my licensing course with Juliet Meeks. I really enjoyed Jennifer’s online/recorded interview with Juliet and thought she would be a great person to contact about helping me with my brand.

When I initially reached out the Jennifer, I found out she was about to have a baby and would be on maternity leave over the summer and wouldn’t be available until the fall. This worked out well for me as I needed time to save some money and really think about what I wanted in my new brand design.

Fast Forward to late September

Jennifer and I spoke on the phone and emailed back and forth a couple of times to see if we could work well together. She sent me this HUGE 10 page form to fill out, asking all kinds of questions to help her get a better understanding of who I am as an artist, person, and business owner. It was a well thought out questionnaire and really made me think about what is most important when it comes to branding.

Within a couple of weeks I had the most amazing (and beautiful) 19 page brand style guide along with everything I needed to move forward with my new brand design. Jennifer is so easy to work with, very professional, and her talent shines through via her final product! I couldn’t be happier.

Turning my artwork into fashion

Jacqueline Cadzow Designs on Le Galeriste™

I have found a way to turn my artwork into fashion with the help of Le Galeriste™, a high-end, print-on-demand, company based in Canada.

This has been another exciting process and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Le Galeriste™ is a high-end wearable art gallery that showcases exclusive works of art from some of the most respected artists around the world, including artists like me. Working with this company will give me another form of revenue by putting my artwork on their humanely and environmentally responsible products made entirely in their Montreal Canada factory.

Alignment with my values

What I like most about this company is how they align with my own personal values. Having Le Galeriste™ offer humanly and environmentally responsible products is huge for me. Plus they have absolutely beautiful fashion options and I feel comfortable having my artwork and brand name on their products and clothing.

The design and production process

I appreciate that Le Galeriste™ offers custom digital printed fabrics that are dyed in-house with environmentally friendly water-based ink. They also focus on sustainability and limit the amount of fabric waste to a bare minimum. They respect the artist’s copyrights and guarantee that no third party comes in contact with the artwork.

if you are interesting in learning more about Le Galeriste™ and their design and production process, click here.

Jacqueline Cadzow Designs Store Front

I’d like to share a sample photo of one of my designs! This dress was created using a high resolution image of one of my silk paintings. I uploaded the image to my creative store front and chose the product I wanted the design printed on.

I love it! I hope you love it too!!

Abstract Dress Design

Please visit my store front to see the other products I have available with more of my designs. My store front will be updated regularly with new artworks and designs.

In addition, below are some sample of some of my scarf designs.

Sample Scarves

You can go to the Le Galeriste™ website select the ART tab at the top, then select ‘SHOP BY ART‘ button, and then type ‘Cadzow’ in the box where it says: “Search Artist” and hit the return to find more of my artwork and all the different products available with my designs. If you don’t happen to see all of my designs after you do the search on my name, try selecting the ‘ALL RESULTS‘ link in the upper left corner.


Thank you!

Thank you for continuing to follow along on my journey of self-discovery. I am still chasing that elusive butterfly of happiness!! But I am really enjoying the chase!

I love and live by the below quote from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic:

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel the world looking for it.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

If you are interested in following my future topics, please subscribe below and I will send you an email when I make a new blog post. As always, I am interested in hearing your views, please post in the comments. Sending you positive energy and love.

~ Jackie

Jackie Weatherly-Cadzow



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